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C-SAIT and Electronic Voting Systems Security

C-SAIT hosted its first voting system event in February 2001, sponsoring the talk Technical Details on Electronic Voting Using Cryptography by Dr. Kazue Sako, NEC Corporation, Japan. Since that time, C-SAIT has become a top voting system research center.

C-SAIT Co-Director Yasinsac was appointed by the Florida Secretary of State to serve on the Florida Help America Vote Act Committee in 2006. C-SAIT actively contributed to Florida's HAVA process and developed a strong working relationship with the Florida Division of Elections and several Florida Supervisors of Elections during that process.

In November of 2006, a rare voting anomaly occurred in Florida's Thirteenth U.S. Congressional District, where the victory margin was a razor thin 369 votes. Moreover, since the decisive votes were cast on electronic voting machines, the mandatory audit required a software security review. Florida's governor turned to C-SAIT for this task of vital national importance and interest. The C-SAIT Report set the stage for several subsequent voting system software reviews, with two major California reviews headed by C-SAIT Report investigators.

C-SAIT subsequently conducted several additional source code reviews in support of Florida Department of State voting system certification efforts. These analysis resulted in demonstrable security improvements in Florida electronic voting systems.

C-SAIT Co-Director Yasinsac also contributes to electronic voting technological and policy issues on a national level, beginning by serving on the advisory board for the National Academy of Engineering Symposium on Electronic Voting. He also sat on the first EAC Draft Voluntary Voting System Guidelines roundtable in December 2007.

Dr. Yasinsac is also a member of the U.S. Public Policy Committee of the Association of Computing Machines, a standing committee of the ACM, and is co-chair of the USACM Voting Subcommittee.

Recently, in order to help Bring Remote Access to Voters Overseas (BRAVO) C-SAIT became an Operation BRAVO Foundation partner. This reflects our strong commitment to ensuring accessible, secure voting systems for US citizens living and serving overseas.

C-SAIT continues to seek and provide opportunities for voting system security contributions through Master's theses, course projects, guest lectures, panel participation, and as a resource to government elections officials.



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