SAIT Lab supports overseas voters,
partners with Operation Bravo


SAIT Laboratory is pleased to announce its partnership with the Operation BRAVO Foundation and the Okaloosa Distance Balloting Pilot (ODBP) to seek secure, innovative solutions for overseas voters.

Overseas voters traditionally cast ballots in far lower percentages than their stateside counterparts. Issues of normal mail delay, foreign mail service integration, high mobility rates of overseas voters, and other complicating factors lead to failed voting attempts as well as high voter discouragement. As a group, military voters are disproportionately affected.

SAIT Laboratory brings a strong background in information security and secure voting systems to this partnership. SAIT is committed to finding secure voting solutions that allow overseas voters the equivalent opportunity to vote as other citizens.

As a contributing partner, SAIT Laboratory neither receives nor seeks funding for its participation in ODBP. Organizations or individuals interested in sponsoring or supporting ODBP or Operation BRAVO can find contributor information on the Operation BRAVO Foundation web site.


Alec Yasinsac SAIT Laboratory Lead Principal Investigator
Mike Burmester SAIT Laboratory Principle Investigator
John Kerski SAIT Laboratory Investigator

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