GAO Final Report Affirms the SAIT Report


On the heels of the GAO Final Report the U.S. Congress Committee on House Administration voted Feb. 13, 2008 to dismiss the contest of the 2006 Florida Congressional District 13 (CD 13) race. This ends the official election audit process that included a computer source code review by SAIT Laboratory that was requested by the Governor of Florida. This review produced the SAIT Report , which was included in the Florida Department of State audit of the CD 13 election result and has been widely cited in professional literature, court cases, congressional meetings, and in the press. The project team included faculty from SAIT Laboratory, the FSU Computer Science Department, and internationally recognized outside experts.

This CD 13 code review project exemplifies the positive contribution that FSU makes nationally and as a resource directly to the state of Florida. The SAIT Report project was a model for how state government can leverage FSU Faculty and student resources for the good of Florida citizens.

The SAIT Report is the most heavily scrutinized voting system analysis ever conducted, including a six month GAO investigation, and it stands among the most sound reports in a field now filled with voting system analysis. It set the standard for many subsequent voting system reviews for organization, administrative processes, team composition, results documentation, and overall project professionalism. Two of its team members (Matt Bishop and David Wagner) subsequently led the ground-breaking California Top-to-Bottom [voting system] Review, adopting many concepts developed and honed in the SAIT Report project.

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