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The educational functions of the Laboratory include professional and continuing education, undergraduate and graduate education, and outreach activities. Within FSU, the Laboratory coordinates graduate and undergraduate security and information assurance curriculum development, including theory and practice. The curriculum provides a strong foundation in security principles.

FSU is a NSA Center of Excellence in Information Security Education (CAE/IAE) since May 2000 and an NSA/DHS Center of Excellence in Research (CAE-R) since 2009 (only thirty-six institutions are designated as both CAE/IAE and CAE-R).

The courses in Information Security in Computer Science at Florida State University satisfy the National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security (NSTISSC) training standard for Information Security Specialists. FSU students that complete the courses specified in the program are uniquely qualified to serve as Information Systems Security (INFOSEC) Professionals. The requirements to meet the standards for the CNSSI-4014 (Security Officer) certificate are as follows:

Graduate Level

  • COP 5725 Database Systems
  • CIS 5370 Computer Security
  • CNT 5412 Network Security, Active and Passive Defenses
  • CNT 5505 Data and Computer Communications
  • CNT 5605 Computer and Network Administration
  • COP COP 5611 Advanced Operating Systems

Undergraduate Level

  • COP 4710 Theory and Structures of Databases
  • CIS 4360 Introduction to Computer Security
  • CNT 4406 Network Security and Cryptography
  • CNT 4504 Introduction to Computer Networks
  • CNT 4603 Computer and Network System Administration
  • COP 4610 Operating Systems and Concurrent Programming

In order to obtain the additional certificate for completion of the NSTISSI-4011 (Security Professional) requirements, students must also take the following core courses:

  • CDA 3101 Computer Organization
  • COP 3330 Object-Oriented Programming

Details about the renewal of NSTISSI #4011 and CNSSI #4014 :   FSU-Recert.doc.


FSU CS students should notify in writing to Daniel Clawson (CS Graduate Coordinator) that they would like to receive a certificate for the courses.

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